Alice Andrews began her career in textile arts as a draper for films and commercials, later transitioning to fashion designs using her hand painted fabrics and wool felt.

Alice is part of an eco-sustainable movement called "slow fashion" where her designs are all natural and hand-crafted. She uses only time honored traditional methods that are environmentally and socially responsible.  In keeping true to the eco-design all natural spirit, many of her designs have no machine stitching. 

Alice's wearable art integrates raw wool fleece and natural fabrics such as silk and cotton.  Her more adventurous pieces are distinctively colored with various types of dyes, some include wash-fast dyes, and other use dyes from natural sources like plants, machine rust, and teas.  The dyes are applied using a specialized low water immersion technique.  For garment accessories, she uses vintage findings and buttons when appropriate. 

Her work has been published in the book "500 Felt Objects" by Lark Books, Sterling Publishing, (September 2011).   Her felt and hand painted fabrics have been featured in several movies as well as the award winning Showtime series "Homeland".

Her creative spirit continuously challengers her to create unique garments that are as fashionable as they are artistic.  

She resides in Charlotte, NC