How can I contact you for more information?


How do rentals work?

Please see the "Rentals" gallery here on the website. Contact me to inquire about the availability of your choice of dress on your shoot date, and to book a rental.

How much are the rentals?

Rentals *start at $145 with a $250 refundable security deposit. The deposit is promptly refunded upon return of the dress in good condition.  Renter also pays ~$25 shipping. Rentals are for one shoot day. You’ll received the dress the day or 2 before your shoot date and will return ship the day after your shoot date. Additional days are available @ $25/2 days.

When should I book my dress?

There are no time restrictions.  Days or months before your shoot or event. There's an additional $25 charge if a dress is reserved within 5 days of the date needed.  So it's possible to contact me on a Tues & ask to have a dress in hand on Sat. A case like this will also require FedEx shipping.

How do you take the payment?


Can I change my rental date?


Can I get my money back?

Not once the dress has been shipped.

What are my delivery options?

USPS, FedEx.

How much does shipping cost?

A minimum of $25 for USPS.  Any overage will be deducted from the deposit.  I’ll quote an estimate for FedEx.

Is there an agreement I have to sign?


Do you allow dresses to be used in photography workshops?

Yes. Rental fee determined on an individual basis.

Do you allow extended rental periods?

Yes, for an additional fee and if it doesn’t interfere with other bookings.

What if I have a destination shoot?

I welcome rentals for destination shoots.  Rental fee is determined on an individual basis.

Do you rent internationally?

Yes.  Renter is responsible for any customs or VAT charges.

Shipping is usually International Priority Express and ranges from $50-$150, it depends on location.  I’m happy to provide estimated quotes on an individual basis. 

What size is the dress?

Most of my dresses fit size 0 up to about a size 10.  I have a few that are larger.

Most dresses are halter wraps and fit by the way they’re tied around the neck and waist.

What if the dress doesn’t fit?

If there’s any doubt, please discuss with me prior to renting.

Do I need to clean the dress before returning?

No.  I’ll wash the dress on its return. Just make sure it’s dry before you pack and ship back.

Can I get the dress wet?

Yes, the dress can get wet in sea water or fresh water.  Not advisable in chlorinated pools.  If you want to do an underwater shoot, please inquire & I’ll see what I have appropriate for a swimming pool.

What if I stain or damage the dress?

TBD on an individual basis. Please do not use the dress near fireworks or sparklers. They leave tiny holes in the parachutes.

How do I make the parachute skirt billow?

The skirts are easy to “flap”, usually 2 people on each side is best.  If there’s a breeze manual flapping may not be required.  I do not recommend a fan anywhere close to the skirt- it can get sucked in from the backside. Some clients use a leaf blower.

Do you sell your dresses?

Yes, occasionally I’ll sell a used rental dress, and I’m always available for custom commissions. 

Will the dresses work for maternity shoots?

Most will, contact me to discuss.

Am I obligated to tag you in online images?

No, if you’ve paid the rental fee, you are not required to tag me, although, I appreciate it when a renter does.  I love to share your watermarked and credited images.  My instagram is @aliceandrewsdesigns. If you tag me I’ll assume it’s ok for me to repost.

Do you ever loan dresses?

Occasionally, but please understand I’m an artist and this is my full time job.  This is my only income.  I love collaborating with other artists on unique concepts, tfp.   Please don’t ask for a “loan” if you plan to charge a client for the use of the dress, or if you plan to take the dress to a workshop.